Project Nightmares

A group of scientists, oriented to the paranormal, develops Hypnos, a machine that allows to induce the sleep and connect a patient to a malignant object. Project Nightmares is in charge of investigating them, discovering their story and ending their evil. If you want to be one of our patients you can join the group, we have several unresolved cases.

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Procedural Scares

The game has an AI to generate random scares in the least expected moments.

Procedural levels

Every time you enter to play the game the level automatically generates itself randomly.


Like everything in this game, the objects are not always in the same place. When you look for a key or something necessary for a mission, probably the object has change his place.

Paranormal Entities

There are no predefined routes, each entity will wander the house as it wants.


The game contains different types of gameplays that will help you to survive.

† The paranormal entities will try to prevent you from knowing its secrets and will attack you trying to kill you.

† You could defend yourself, in a differents way, from different attacks.

† You could hide.

† You could run.

† You should control what illuminates your path since this could stop doing it.


Case 36



Know everything about the machine that makes it possible to explore dreams


Meet the Nightmares team that will help you to eradicate evil entities in a definitive way


Do you have psychic powers? Encourage to participate in Project Nightmares

Entities Classification

   Meet the classification of evil entities